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Gas Station Guitars has its roots back in dusty North Queensland, Australia, as a fun Facebook page between a group of friends sharing a love of indie music & offset guitars, with some quirky Japanese guitars and vintage analogue recording banter thrown in for good measure. In a relatively short time it has expanded to become the go-to place for many hard to find vintage and pre-loved Fender offsets, vintage Japanese Lawsuits and Gibson Les Pauls.


Now re-located in less dusty Somerset, UK, the ethic behind GSG remains the same; we only sell gear we love ourselves. Every single guitar, bass and amp you see is hand selected with love by us. We fall in love with new guitars every week and make damn sure every single one is safely transported to us here to be admired, played, set-up and passed on (although we keep quite a few ourselves…).  You won’t find row upon row of soulless new Yamahas, Mexican strats or Schecters here.  But you will find some killer Japanese Fender Jazzmasters in cool colours, great old FujiGen-era Fender Strats & Teles, Les Pauls with big tops and possibly that 1979 Tokai Reborn LS80 you’ve always been looking for! Welcome to Gas Station Guitars!

Ga Station Guitars
Gas Station Guitars
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