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Tokai Vintage Japanese 1983 Silver Star SS-40 All Black Japan Stratocaster MIJ

Tokai Vintage Japanese 1983 Silver Star SS-40 All Black Japan Stratocaster MIJ


If you’re in the market for a vintage Strat you can't get much better than a Japanese lawsuit 70’s/80's Tokai Silver Star. This old stunner was built in 1983. Great looking & playing all black CBS style build, with a large resonant headstock, fast neck w/ skunk stripe and 3 bolt neckplate. It has a beautiful rosewood fingerboard, 3 ply scratchplate and black tipped tremolo arm. This one is well along the road to being a real vintage looker. The maple has darkened over the years and looks very cool. There are dings/scratches on the guitar as you’d expect but nothing bad has ever happened to it. Just makes it look better in our opinion. It plays beautifully and the old wood feels very resonant. Great weight too at 3.4kg. The neck is dead straight, truss rod is working fine and years left in the frets. No plastic backplate. This thing is a dream to play and has the classic looks of a true vintage aged Japanese Tokai Strat. A very cool guitar. Complete with trem arm and gigbag.


*Please note* Paypal no longer refund the seller’s fees for cancelled orders. Any orders made and then cancelled will be fully refunded (inc. your shipping) but minus the Paypal fees charged to us.*


We carefully hand-select all our guitars and refuse a lot more than we accept, if they don’t blow us away on all fronts, we just don’t put them in our shop; if it’s for sale by Gas Station Guitars, you know it’d gonna be pretty special.  All pictures are of the actual guitars, we do not use stock photos. NOT FOR TRADE or part exchange, thanks. We ship to the E.U, Europe, U.S, Canada, Australia, NZ and of course the UK.

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