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Rare Vintage 1990 Fender FujiGen '54 RI Telecaster Esquire MIJ Butterscotch

Rare Vintage 1990 Fender FujiGen '54 RI Telecaster Esquire MIJ Butterscotch


Here is a very rare 1990 Fender Japan FujiGen built butterscotch blonde Ash Esquire.  It is from 14th September 1990, (9.14.90) pencilled under clearcoat on neck heel. It was built for Fender in the legendary FujiGen Plant in Japan. It’s a cool old Esquire that's been upgraded to huge sounding Texas Special pickups with a neck pick-up added. All Esquires are factory routed to take a neck pickup so there has been no DIY routing to anything like that. Just a replacement perloid pickguard added to accommodate the neck pup. Along with the mods it's got plenty of roadwear with a bit of a Springsteen vibe. It has a very resonant old ash body with some nice grain showing under the blonde finish. The neck is dead straight, truss rod fine and plenty of life left in the frets. Structurally and electrically sound. No issues at all. No breaks, repairs or mods. Weight 3.6kg. Not for the faint hearted with plenty of playwear, it's a real old warrior. A paint chip on the back and larger one on the front that's taken out a bit of ash. I personally love the look on this. It's been played and looks like it has! There is a dull grey patina over all the metal hardware, some staining to the finish and some finger marks on the maple fretboard. Complete with period correct gig bag. A great playing old Fijian built MIJ Fender Esquire. These don't show up very often.


*Please note* Paypal no longer refund the seller’s fees for cancelled orders. Any orders made and then cancelled will be fully refunded (inc. your shipping) but minus the Paypal fees charged to us.*

We carefully hand-select all our guitars and refuse a lot more than we accept, if they don’t blow us away on all fronts, we just don’t put them in our shop; if it’s for sale by Gas Station Guitars, you know it’d gonna be pretty special.  All pictures are of the actual guitars, we do not use stock photos. NOT FOR TRADE or part exchange, thanks. We ship to the E.U, Europe, U.S, Canada, Australia, NZ and of course the UK

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