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Gibson Vintage 1985 Les Paul Custom Alpine White w/ Original Chainsaw Case

Gibson Vintage 1985 Les Paul Custom Alpine White w/ Original Chainsaw Case


Here we have some real roadworn rock & roll royalty! It is a vintage 1985 Alpine White USA Gibson Les Paul Custom with all the vintage mojo you could wish for! The lacquer finish checking one this old warrior is amazing, the kind of thing Tom Murphy has been artificially replicating for the last decade or so & Gibson have been charging big bucks for. Except this is all original. It's also now yellowed and has that patchy finish you often see on vintage Alpine Whites. It has a dark dense Ebony fingerboard with somewhere between a ‘59-‘60 neck profile and weighs in at very light 4.1kg. Trust me this is a featherweight for a mid-80's Gibson Les Paul Custom! Plenty of life in the frets (never been refretted, still has nibs), the truss rod is fine and the neck is straight. All electrics work perfectly and it's a great player with a very easy, resonant action. Absolutely no breaks or repairs in its long history. You get all of the good ageing but none of the bad. It was built in Gibson's Nashville factory Halloween day back in 1985 (31/10/1985) and it an absolute tone monster! The pickups have been replaced with what looks a Gibson 498T in the bridge and a Seymour Duncan SH-1 in the neck and the combination sounds fantastic in this old machine. It comes with an original blue lined Gibson Gen III Chainsaw case with the badge still affixed (!) and all 3 plastic latches strong and working perfectly. This is a very cool old Les Paul Custom. I’ll let the pics tell the rest of the story.


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