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Gibson 1990 Les Paul Standard Vintage Sunburst Yamano Export Non-Chambered with

Gibson 1990 Les Paul Standard Vintage Sunburst Yamano Export Non-Chambered with


From the beginning of Gibson’s great Standard years comes this beautiful non-chambered 1990 Vintage Sunburst Yamano (read up on them…) hand-selected Gibson Les Paul Standard. This is a great looking Standard, with beautiful vintage teardrop finish. It has fine finish checking in the nitrocellulose which I'm pleased to say it has earned completely naturally over the years, not by the hand of Gibson's custom department or Tom Murphy (skilled though he is). We brought this one back from Japan, it still has its Yamano booklet with it. It was built in Gibson’s Nashville plant and finished on Feb 12th 1990, which is before Gibson introduced chambering on their standards (mid 2006) so yes, it’s non-chambered! It has a good solid ’59 profile neck. There is still plenty of life in the frets (never had a refret so still has its fret end binding), the truss rod is fine and the neck is straight. No problems either structurally or electrically. Weight is 4.4kg. The binding has aged to yellow which looks good against the vintage sunburst top. There are some small dimples on the guitar (not through the paint) but it's much cleaner than you’d expect for an early 90’s Standard. It’s well along the road to being a real vintage looker. Nothing bad has ever happened to it with absolutely no breaks or repairs etc. It's worth mentioning that the pickups have been changed to Seymour Duncans, and one of the plastic pickup rings has cracked which is par for the course with older Les Pauls. Comes with its original 90’s tan Gibson HSC with pink silk shroud, which is in good condition with no issues aside from some roadwear around the edges. A rare chance to get your hands on a top quality 1990 Yamano Les Paul Standard with a really nice top, much better than your average Standard.


At Gas Station Guitars we carefully hand-select all our guitars, if they don’t blow us away on all fronts, we just don’t put them in our shop; if it’s for sale by Gas Station Guitars, you know it’s gonna be pretty special.  All pictures are of the actual guitars, we do not use stock photos. All guitars have been fully checked and are with us in hand, so it’s straight from us to you! NOT FOR TRADE or part exchange, thanks. We ship to the E.U, Europe, U.S, Canada, Australia, NZ and of course the UK.

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