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Fender Japan Rare 1989 FujiGen Built Jazzmaster '66 RI MIJ J-Serial Oly White

Fender Japan Rare 1989 FujiGen Built Jazzmaster '66 RI MIJ J-Serial Oly White


Up here we have a very rare 1989-90 MIJ J-Serial 1966 reissue Olympic White Fender Jazzmaster. It’s a Japanese Fender, not Mexican, so you can expect superb build quality coupled with vintage specs.  It’s a real old FujiGen Gakki built Jazzmaster so you know it’s gonna be good. There are very few Fender FujiGen Jazzmasters around from this period. Virtually all you’ll see up for sale will be later early/mid 90’s FujiGens or even more likely CIJ/MIJ Dyna & Tokai built guitars. It has an alder body in great looking factory Olympic White finish with a FujiGen era 3-ply red tort pickguard and the early FujiGen ‘Fender’ stamped neckplate. Nice dark & dense Indian rosewood used for the fingerboard (not pau ferro). The fingerboard has a vintage spec 7.25 radius, just as it should be. Very resonant and feels great to play. Neck is dead straight, truss rod fine, plenty of life left in the frets (pics). Structurally and electrically sound. No breaks, repairs or modifications. All circuits working as they should. Good weight at 3.5kg. Over 30-years old but nice for the era with just the right amount of ageing, it is well along the road to being a real vintage looker! The metal hardware has dulled and greyed over the years (especially the tuners). The Oly White finish has aged to that great looking deep cream/yellow colour you get on these old MIJs. All the white plastics have also yellowed rounding off the natural vintage look and feel and there is some paint checking. There are a few paint nicks in the finish as you’d expect. This is how a Jazzmaster should be, why anyone would choose a sterile Mexican guitar over a old FujiGen beauty like this I just don’t get.  Complete with trem arm & padded gig bag. A beautiful looking & playing vintage spec old FujiGen Fender Jazzmaster. 


At Gas Station Guitars we carefully hand-select all our guitars and refuse a lot more than we accept, if they don’t blow us away on all fronts, we just don’t put them in our shop; if it’s for sale by Gas Station Guitars, you know it’d gonna be pretty special.  All pictures are of actual guitars, all guitars are in hand and we do not use stock photos. NOT FOR TRADE or part exchange, thanks. We ship worldwide to the USA, E.U, Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan and of course the UK

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