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Fender Jaguar '66 Kurt Cobain HJG-66KC V Ikebe Limited Model, USA Dimarzio

Fender Jaguar '66 Kurt Cobain HJG-66KC V Ikebe Limited Model, USA Dimarzio


Your are looking at the sought-after 1990’s Fender Japan  HJG-66KC V Kurt Cobain Jaguar. This is a beautiful example of this rare Jaguar. Please don’t confuse this with the more recent mass produced cheaper Mexican effort that seems to be everywhere atm. These were made in very small numbers back in 1997 (it was the best Japanese Kurt Jaguar reissue, much more accurate that the similar but inferior IV) It was built by Fender in Japan especially for Ikebe (a large chain of Japanese guitar stores). These were only made for the Japanese domestic market and couldn’t be sourced through Ishibashi who are direct competitors of Ikebe.  It is a 3 tone sunburst and is all stock with great sounding Dimarzio humbuckers, neck binding, rosewood fingerboard and alder body.  There are no breaks or repairs. Straight neck, truss rod fine, plenty of life left in the frets. Weight is 3.8kg. Its the cleanest example we have ever found of one of these. Just light scuffing around the edges, no harsh paint chips or bucklerash etc. It plays superbly too, very responsive and resonant for a Jaguar, we couldn't put this thing down! Complete with gig bag and original tremolo bar. A beautifully crafted and very rare Jaguar.


*Please note* Paypal no longer refund the seller’s fees for cancelled orders. Any orders made and then cancelled will be fully refunded (inc. your shipping) but minus the Paypal fees charged to us.*

We carefully hand-select all our guitars and refuse a lot more than we accept, if they don’t blow us away on all fronts, we just don’t put them in our shop; if it’s for sale by Gas Station Guitars, you know it’d gonna be pretty special.  All pictures are of actual guitar, we do not use stock photos. NOT FOR TRADE or part exchange, thanks. We ship to the E.U, Europe, U.S, Canada, Australia, NZ and of course the UK.

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